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CoreStaff Co., Ltd. is one of the largest and acknowledged electronic component distributor in Japan. CoreStaff specializes in importing, exporting, and sales of semiconudctors and integrated circuits of various electronic manufacturers. We own and operate our own warehouse, as we are also one of Japan’s largest stocking distributor with over 100,000 items in stock. All of our stocks come from Japanese end users, authorized agents, and franchised lines. We specialize in Japanese manufacturers as well as Japanese OEMs. We have a state of the art QC facility, where we test every item before shipment. Thus, we guarantee that every one of our parts are new and original. In addition to electronic component sales, we also provide procurement services for parts including EOL and hard to find items. We also manage a consignment sales program for handling and overseeing excess inventory your company may have and is looking to liquidate

CoreStaff is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 2000, CoreStaff has since committed to providing companies and customers with electronic parts in a hassle-free business environment. We currently have four offices in Japan, one of them being our central logicstic center. In 2013, we opened a subsidiary office in Hong Kong. Two years later, we opened an office in San Jose, California to better accommodate our North American customers. CoreStaff has expanded its size by acquiring Atmark-Techno, specializing in the latest and fastest wire-less routers and IoT gateway devices. Our reliance as a major supplier have increased exponentially due to our unconventional level of commitment to our customers. Since 2004, we made purchasing easier for our customers by establishing our online shopping site; corestaffdirect.com. With over 45,000 registered members, we provide a simple and secure way of purchasing our stocks online.

We are also able to quote and answer any questions from our customers to ensure a worry-free purchase. We pride ourselves on a same day turn around for any RFQ’s inlcuding RFQ’s for mass productions.


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