Shopping Guide

Shipping Information

 Our stocks are located at our warehouse in Japan.

 We can ship any order for any item the same day you place the order.


Shipping Methods

 We allow our customers to use their own shipping carrier/method.

 We are able to accommodate UPS, DHL, FedEx, and TNT.

 We offer International shipping as a prepay option (DHL WW Express or UPS WW Saver).

 Pricing will depend on order destination.

 Receiver will be responsible for Duty and Tax fees (Either added to their account or COD).

 For example: $60 for shipping to US and Canadian regions (Duty and Tax fees will vary).

 We also offer free international shipping including insurance to orders of $300 or more.

 Free shipment offer will depend on total weight and size of the order.

 Receiver will still be responsible for Duty and Tax fees (Either added to their account or COD).


Shipping Charges and Delivery Schedule

 Shipping charges and delivery schedule will depend on the carrier and shipping method.

 Estimated delivery time will also vary depending on when the order was placed.

 Orders placed after 4pm (Pacific Time) will be shipped on the following day.

 All orders will be shipped from Japan.

 Please be advised that Duty and Tax fees are decided by the Customs Authority and is customer’s responsibility.

 Please contact Customs for custom fees and any other related questions.


Tracking Information

 Tracking will be provided by one of our sales representatives.

 We are not responsible for any delays caused by the custom or the shipping carrier.

 We are also not responsible for damaged or lost packages (Unless insured by us).


How to order

 You can order via our online store by simply searching and adding the items you need to your shopping cart.

 Check out process will be demonstrated on our site once you are ready to proceed with the order.

 You may also order by contacting our sales reps via email or by phone (408-573-6400).

 Monday – Friday (9am-6pm PST).

 We will be more than happy to help you through and answer any questions you may have.

 Please keep in mind we have a minimum order amount of $50.00.


Payment Method

 We accept T/T Wire, Credit Cards (No fee), or PayPal (PayPal).

 Please let us know or indicate on the order if payment is Net Term.

 Net Term is only for customers that has met our payment method criteria.

 Please notify our sales rep regarding payment method.


Resale Certificate (Only applicable to US companies)

 If your company is based in the state of California and would like to be exempt from tax, please provide your company’s re-seller certificate.



 CoreStaff is committed to providing our customers with high quality parts and unbeatable service to accommodate your needs.

 We inspect and test each and every item before we ship it out to our customers. However, if the parts you received experience any failures or defects, please contact us immediately.

 We offer a 60-day warranty for all parts. Some parts may not be available for replacement if obsolete.